General informations

These General Conditions of Sale concern the purchase of products carried out remotely via computer network on the website, belonging to Aldec S.r.l., with registered office in Via Ludovico Maiorana 97, 70024 Gravina in Puglia. Each purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree 185/99, Legislative Decree 206/05; the information directed to the conclusion of the contract will be submitted to the art. 12 of Legislative Decree. 70/03 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be subject to the legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 196/03.

Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the general conditions of sale

The sales contracts of the products on the website are considered concluded when the purchase order placed by the customer is sent to Aldec S.r.l. and the latter accepts it. Aldec S.r.l. will promptly send the customer the receipt of the purchase order made by the customer.

By sending their purchase order electronically, the customer declares that he has read and accepted the present general conditions of contract and undertakes to observe and respect them in his relations with Aldec S.r.l..

Processing of personal data

Aldec S.r.l.. pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 informs that the personal and fiscal data acquired even verbally in reference to the commercial relationships established, provided directly by the interested parties, or otherwise acquired in the context of the company's activity, will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned legislation , including the confidentiality obligations envisaged by these

In relation to the aforementioned, the rights referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Customer obligations

The Customer is required, before submitting his purchase order, to carefully read these general conditions of sale. The forwarding of the purchase order implies their full knowledge and their acceptance.

Finally, once the online purchase procedure has been concluded, the Customer is required to print and keep these general conditions of sale, which have already been viewed and accepted during the phase of concluding the contract.

Definition of the order

By sending the order online, the Customer transmits to Aldec S.r.l. a proposal to purchase the product and/or products added to the cart. When the Customer places an online order for the products he has placed in the cart, he agrees to purchase them at the price and terms indicated in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Aldec S.r.l. will communicate to the Customer the acceptance and confirmation of the order.

In particular Aldec S.r.l. will not accept orders:
if the material, at the time of the order, is not available in the warehouse and/or if the Customer cannot or does not want to pay using credit cards (Paypal), bank transfer or cash on delivery. It is possible to place an order both through the website at the prices and conditions indicated therein and from authorized dealers.

Aldec S.R.L. will communicate to the Customer the acceptance and confirmation of the order.

In particular, Aldec S.R.L.. will not accept orders:

if the item, at the time of the order is not in stock and/or

if the Customer cannot or does not want to pay using credit cards (PayPal), bank transfer or cash on delivery.

You can place an order either via the website according to the prices and conditions stated therein or at authorised dealers.


The customer buys the product, the characteristics of which are stated online in the relevant descriptive and technical sheets, at the price indicated therein, plus the delivery costs specified on the website. (excluding any costs for cash on delivery).

Before the purchase order is placed, the unit cost of each product selected, the total cost in the event of purchasing several products and the relevant delivery costs will be provided.

Once the purchase order has been submitted, the customer will receive an e-mail message from Aldec S.R.L. confirming receipt of the purchase order and containing information on the main characteristics of the purchased goods, the statement of price, delivery costs, applicable taxes and means of payment and containing a reference to the general terms and conditions and information on the existence of the right of withdrawal, the conditions and methods of its exercise displayed on the site. Following the approval of Decree Law No 223 of 4 July 2006 "manovra bis" Art. 37 paragraphs 8 and 9, converted into Law 248 of 4 August 2006, which came into force on 12 August 2006, which reinstates the obligation to submit the list of customers and suppliers when issuing invoices, and Decree Law 78 of 31 May 2010 converted into Law 122 of 30 July 2010, requires customers to provide their VAT NUMBER and TAX NUMBER in the appropriate fields on the website.


The customer may settle the due payment by using any of the following ways.

Payment by credit card: If the consumer wishes to pay by credit card, he/she may use the PayPal payment procedure, which is suitable for ensuring the confidentiality of any data provided by customers. For all information and further Legal Agreements, the Customer shall visit

C.O.D. payment: C.O.D. payment is only accepted if made in cash or by bank draft; consequently, under Art. 1197 of the Italian Civil Code, payments made by bank cheque will not be accepted. Payment by cash on delivery shall be subject to a surcharge that will be notified to the customer following each order placed. This surcharge is attributable solely and exclusively to the courier chosen and used by Aldec S.R.L..

Payment by bank transfer: Payment by bank transfer can be made using the form in the Checkout during the purchase process.

In the event that payment is made by bank transfer, the purchased goods will be shipped according to the procedure described in the following paragraph "Delivery of Products", to the address indicated by the customer upon receipt of the credit, then on average within two to five days after completing the transfer (the timing varies depending on the credit institution used). To facilitate the process, the payment receipt together with your order number can be sent by e-mail to:


The purchased goods are delivered by courier to the address specified by the Customer at the time of the on-line order. The customer shall submit any specific requirements to Aldec S.R.L..

Aldec S.R.L. guarantees the delivery of the goods within 15 (fifteen) working days of the date of receipt of the confirmation of the transaction. (For payment by cash on delivery such 15 days term will start from the date of receipt of the order by e-mail). If the customer chooses the cash-on-delivery method, payment shall be made exclusively by cash or bank draft, to be handed over directly to the courier upon receipt of the goods.

In case of non-delivery due to the absence of the addressee at the address stated in the order, the courier will try again; if the addressee is still absent, the goods will be returned to the sender (Aldec S.R.L.).


Any products purchased from are subject to the regulations governing the sale of consumer goods. The delivered products comply with the features stated online in the relevant descriptive and technical sheets.

Horus Group Ltd. shall be liable to the customer for any defects in their conformity which may exist at the time of delivery of the goods.


The consumer is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal. In particular, the consumer has the right to withdraw from any contract entered with Aldec S.R.L., without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the term of 10 (ten) working days of the receipt of the goods.

The right of withdrawal is granted to the consumer in respect of any goods purchased on


The right of withdrawal will be exercised by sending, within the aforementioned term, a written notice to the address of Aldec S.R.L. by means of registered letter acknowledgement of receipt.

The notice of withdrawal may also be sent, within the same term, by telegram or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within the following 48 hours.

In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the notice shall be forwarded to the following address:

Aldec S.R.L.

Via Ludovico Maiorana 97

70024 Gravina in Puglia

If the goods have been delivered, the customer must return them to Aldec S.R.L. within 15 (fifteen) working days of the date of delivery of the goods.

The goods must be returned to Aldec S.R.L. complete with all their relevant accessories, instruction manuals and everything that was originally delivered to the customer, as well as packaged in its original packaging. A copy of the electronic order receipt must be attached to the returned product. The costs of returning the goods to Aldec S.R.L. shall be borne by the customer.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the customer in accordance with the provisions of this clause, Aldec S.R.L. shall be obliged to refund any monies paid by the customer.

In particular, Aldec S.R.L. will carry out free of charge the transmission of the re-credit order concerning the cost of the goods shipped including shipping costs within 30 (thirty) days of the date on which it became aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the customer. This operation will be carried out through the credit institution that issued the credit card used for the payment or by crediting the sum to the bank account indicated by the customer.

Aldec S.R.L. has the right to reject any product returned in any different manner from the one specified above, as well as products for which the customer has not fully paid the cost of return, or has not complied with the procedures and time limits indicated for the communication of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.


In the event of default of the payment of all or part of the purchase price of the goods, Aldec S.R.L. reserves the right to declare, under art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code the termination of this contract by sending a written notice to the customer's e-mail address.


For any complaints or clarifications, the customer should contact the e-mail address The customer will be contacted for any clarification within 3 (three) working days of the request.


This contract is governed by Italian law. The exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any legal action brought by the Buyer under this warranty or any other legal warranty shall be the Italian Ordinary Courts. In the event that Aldec S.R.L. is successful in any legal action, the plaintiff shall refund Aldec S.R.L.. for all expenses, including attorneys' fees and court costs, incurred by Aldec S.R.L. for its defence.


For anything not expressly provided for in this contract, the provisions of current Italian legislation shall apply. DistilleriaRurale