Gin Rurale L'agrumato


Artisan Gin made in Puglia

The only Apulian London Dry Gin

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Apulian Amaro Rurale

The latest product from our distillery

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A dream made in Puglia

Distilleria Rurale is the story of an ambition, pursued with tenacity by Angela Aliani and Fabia D'Ecclesiis, friends and agricultural entrepreneurs. 50 and 60 are the numbers related to their age, from which everything started in 2020 when in full lockdown and celebrating their round-figure birthdays, locked in the house, they began to travel with their minds, deciding to start a Microdistillery in Gravina in Puglia.


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Distilleria Rurale makes artisanal Gin and Apulian Amaro, entirely produced in Puglia with local botanicals from Alta Murgia.
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Artisan Gin made in Puglia

Perfumes, colors, alchemy. This is a story born in Puglia with deep roots, an authentic product that is the union of goodness and audacity.

  • Production of excellence

    Italian artisan gin with unique scents, entirely produced in Puglia in our distillery.

  • Made with London Dry Gin method

    The only Distillery in Puglia to make a gin with the London Dry Gin method, one of the noblest for obtaining a distillate.

  • Botanicals from the Alta Murgia

    Apulian gin made with botanicals from Alta Murgia: fragrant herbs, meadow sage, horehound, wild fennel, mountain savory from the Alta Murgia Park, juniper from the Gravina forest, mint, sea glasswort picked between Monopoli, Polignano and Otranto and thyme.

  • Sustainability

    We have lived, loved and celebrated this land. Our artisan gin is a distillate of unique aromas, made with carefully selected botanicals harvested in compliance with their seasonality - always cut and never uprooted - in the Park of Alta Murgia, candidated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The novelty of our Distillery: an Apulian Amaro made with herbs collected by hand in the Park of Alta Murgia.
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